IHI Philippines, Inc. (IPI), a professional engineering firm founded in 1996, provides technical consultancy and engineering design services for domestic and international markets. IPI is one of the main overseas subsidiary companies of IHI Corporation known for over one hundred fifty one years of existence. IHI holds various subsidiaries and affiliated companies in the entire globe and has expanded its operations to cover a widely diversified range of machinery and equipment used in land, in the sky and in outer space.

Following the outline engineering from IHI, we enhance our expertise through the training made by our parent company, IHI Corporation, Japan. IPI numbers over fifty (50) technical and eight (8)  administrative staff. With our background and experiences, IPI offers engineering design, design support, design management and advisory.  IPI's main specialization includes Detail Fabrication Drawing for Structural, Ducting, Isometric Piping, Piping Supports, Piping Arrangement, Water Gates, LNG Tanks, Boiler Casing and other Civil/Structural and Mechanical related jobs. We provide responsive and high quality services to broad spectrum of industrial clients and other organizations.



IHI's management philosophy is "Contributing to the development of society through technology". At a time of unprecedented demand for innovation and change we continue to "Explore the Engineering Edge", which expresses  commitment  founded on three principles: to bring dreams to reality - unlimited enthusiasm for making things of high quality to innovate in business and technology - insatiable curiosity and unconventional thinking to create new value - an exceptional ability to integrate expertise in various business to provide total solutions.With these in our mind, IPI shall always stand as the best partner of IHI.